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A major part of RLW, Randall Weatherington has been writing and composing
music since he was a teenager when he had his own rock band.  To this day,
Randall still writes and composes in a wide variety of musical genres.

Randall also arranges, performs, engineers, and records his own recordings.  
He is very knowledgeable about audio equipment and its use, and has
established a very effective and efficient studio.

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Entertainment encompasses the vast majority of RLW.  Randall Weatherington
has performed professionally by having his own rock band in high school,
hosting his own radio program, announcing and MC hosting at shows and
events, and even successfully doing stand up comedy.  Randall has also done
voice-over work for other productions.
Speaking in front of audiences comes naturally.

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Imparting knowledge in addition to entertaining other people is also forefront
with RLW.  Randall Weatherington has given speaking engagements, and
lectured on important topics of concern to many people.

Having authored a self improvement program called,
"Re-Discover Your Natural Abilities,"
the knowledge that Randall has imparted to others has helped many people do
better in their lives

What one might consider a surprise to be included with the other categories
above would be the fact that RLW is highly involved in Engineering.

The design, fabrication, modification, service and repair of equipment grew out
of the motion picture post production companies for which Randall
Weatherington has worked.  At one company, most of the equipment was home
made decades prior to Randall being on board.

Having a lot of study in certain engineering disciplines, and a machining course
under his belt, Randall Weatherington took on the task of keeping the
equipment functional.

After purchasing the machine shop assets of one post production company,
Randall now offers engineering and machining services to others.

RLW has also been instrumental the optimising of optical systems.  
Astronomical telescopes and optical paths are a strong suit.

RLW for your engineering projects.
Electronics and Computers

Hand in hand with Engineering comes the Electronics field.  Randall
Weatherington started designing and building electronics as a teenager, starting
with audio circuits when he had his own rock band.

In addition to audio circuits, RLW also does electronic engineering with stepper
motor and servo motor systems.

Randall Weatherington is also very computer hardware savvy, and has
configured computer systems that are very effective and efficient.

RLW for your electronic and computer projects.

With a vast store of knowledge and experience gained throughout the years,
RLW is in a very good position to offer consulting to others in various subjects.

RLW for your consulting needs.