Welcome to the Just For Fun Video Equestrian page
A favorite subject of Just For Fun Video is horses.
Roncie Weatherington specializes in equestrian video.

As a horse woman, herself,
Roncie knows exactly how to shoot a horse and
rider, and just as importantly, how NOT to shoot a horse and rider.

Equestrian production quite often includes, but is not limited to, sale and stallion
videos whereby a world class video is produced and delivered to the client.

Believe it or not, a horse that was going to auction was actually bought back by
the owner after watching the Just For Fun sale video!

Specialties include Dressage, Jumping, Western, Carriage, and other styles of
equestrian exhibitions.

Riding clinics are also a very important subject of Just For Fun Video.  A visual
point of view is just as important as the feel the rider is experiencing.  Video
offers riders this additional method of feed back, and further ability to reflect on
their learning experience.

A video also gives the rider the equivalent of a ground person, and in other cases,
the eyes of a judge.  Because the video can be picked up right away, the rider
can start putting into effect immediately what was learned in the clinic.

At some competition shows, competitors can even receive their video before they
leave the premises.

For all of your equestrian video needs, please contact
Roncie Weatherington.